Applicants from other Canadian Jurisdictions

If you are a chiropractor registered in a Canadian jurisdiction where chiropractic is a regulated profession, you may be eligible to apply for registration through the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT), if you provide CCO with a letter of good standing from your regulatory board. AIT allows for the movement of chiropractors and other regulated professionals across Canadian jurisdictions without facing undue barriers to registration.

If you are currently registered under a class or category of registration that is similar to a class or category in Ontario and provide CCO with a letter of good standing, you will not be required to undergo any material additional training, experience, examinations or assessments. You will still be required to successfully complete CCO's legislation and ethics examination to demonstrate knowledge of Ontario law with respect to chiropractic. As well, CCO may require an investigation into past disciplinary and legal history as well as well as other administrative requirements (fees, forms, liability protection, etc.).

If you are currently registered under a class or category of registration that is not similar to class or category of CCO, CCO's existing registration regulation will apply.

Please contact CCO for more information regarding AIT.

Legislation and Ethics Examination and Record Keeping Workshop

CCO will be holding the next sitting of the legislation and ethics examination and record keeping workshop on Tuesday, October 17, 2017 at the CCO Office, 130 Bloor Street, Toronto, ON M5S 1N5.

Please complete the legislation and ethics examination application and submit it to Ms Madeline Cheng, Registration Coordinator to apply for the examination. Please contact Ms Madeline Cheng at or 416-922-6355 ext. 113 for any questions.

Please see the record keeping workshop information sheet and apply using the record keeping workshop application form and submit it to Ms Rose Bustria, Administrative Asistant to apply for the workshop. Please contact Ms Rose Bustria at or 416-922-6355 ext. 101 for any questions.